Inspired by the unconscious decisions we make as women, KACEY DEVLIN looks to the duality of the female body as a starting point for each collection. Continually exploring the balance between strength and fragility. 

Each collection remains the same, no matter the premise of creative, KACEY DEVLIN promotes the empowerment of women, through redefining the female form while exposing new ways of a looking at the familiar. 

With a soft deconstructed approach to tailoring, KACEY DEVLIN sees the emergence of a new modern classic, her own interpretation of the contemporary uniform of the modern women. 

KACEY DEVLIN opens a space where we are no longer passive consumers, but rather active co-creators.



KACEY DEVLIN was the Winner of The National Designer of the Year supported by David Jones and Harpers Bazaar 2017, Winner of the BT Emerging Designer of the Year 2017, International Woolmark Prize Regional Finalist in 2016,  The Australian Fashion Laureate Emerging Designer of the Year Finalist 2016 and Finalist for the 'Best New Talent' 2017 Prix De Marie Claire.